Elevated Guideway Tubenet

Tubenet is elevated at 5 to 10m high with guide rails and bearing rails inside

Solar Powered Tubecar

Each Tubecarcan fit 2 to 3 passengers, travel at a speed of 40-80 km/h and powered bytube-curved PV panels

Tubecar approaching Tubecardeparture Tubecar running from the ground

Distributed Control and Dispatch System

The system schedules routing based onpre-booking or on-board booking by passengers to meet the demand for dense, volume flow and yet balanced traffic control.

Assured Safety Mechanism

Safety is ensured through dual redundant power supply, control and communication, anti-collision detection and vertical escape system

Matrix Station

The Tubecars are stationed and parked in Matrix Station to minimize land use. A boarding bridge links each building and station.

Matrix Station-elevating Matrix Station-descending

Modular Design, Installation and Retrofit

The project can be constructed within several months, possible though simulationprioritization, modular design and installation

TTS simulation forXi'an

Megacity Operation Simulation

Empty Tubecar Dispatching Simulation Emergency Dispatching Simulation

24 hours simulation results for Xi’an downtown area (within 2nd ring road)