Advanced Features

Environmental Protection Solar power and tube containment enables the Tubenet Transit System to achieve zero emission, be dust free and noiseless in operation.

Safety 93% ofall road traffic accidents are caused by human error andwill be eliminated by unidirectional

Energy Saving Energy consumption is designed to beless than 1% that of cars today.

Economics Total investment for the system isestimated to be RMB 20-33 million per km

Land Conservation Comparing highway withTTS, the width reduction per unit of capacity is 20:1.
The deployment of Tubenetwill lead to deconstruction of roadsand eco-restoration.


1、Elevated GuidewayTubenet

2、Solar Powered Tubecar

3、Distributed Control and Dispatch System

4、Assured Safety Mechanism

5、Matrix Station

6、Modular Design, Installation and Retrofit


Tubenet Transit is designed and developed by the Tubenet Transit Institute led by Dr. Nanzheng Yang. The team aimsto develop an advanced transportation system to solve world-wide traffic difficulties especially for megacities with high population density and achieve highly efficient, fast, comfortable and green travel.

The team has made breakthroughs in key technologies in the past 13 years,such as scheduling.The completed PRT concept design is awarded aPatent in China as well as in many other countries worldwide.